On With the New Quest

My workouts seem to be quite imbalanced. I spend too much time running and not much resistance training. Too much aerobics and less anaerobics. So I feel it necessary to crank up those weights even when I feel my caloric expenditure is not as ‘dramatic’ as when I run. But I put a big question mark to that claim. Some would say the calorie expenditure may not be big ‘during’  a resistance routine but because it targets muscles and since muscles spend more energy to do their jobs, it’s just logical they will use more calories in the long run. Of course I can experiment on that with my body and my data  will maybe  prove or disprove any claim(as far as I am concerned). I know for sure the weights are necessary especially when you are over 50. I haven’t really researched much on apps dealing with resistance training or weight lifting or strengthening but I am sure there are millions out there.

As for the meals, I have discovered how accessible vegetables are --- in the frozen section. Seriously, I am one who buys fresh vegetables only to dump  them into the garbage bin after a week  due to my preference to eat in my workplace cafeteria because I lack the discipline to pack my own lunch. Yeah, shame on me. But this will be a new day. I’ve got brown rice and tuna and brussel sprouts and tomato. Sweet.


brussel sprouts
brussel sprouts


As for my relaxation, I was able to assemble a new bookcase in my ‘crib’ (that is so 1980’s word)  the whole of Saturday. It took a lot of time and energy and effort but it helped me organize my otherwise cluttered space. Seriously, I am way past my college dorm years. Time for me to act my age.




My best two days so far. They were  quiet, restful, goal oriented, disciplined. Ah, having too much responsibilities and being cluttered in one place is such a dysfunctional existence.


There is a biblical message for me today that seems to specifically single me out. Sometimes I tend to overwork for no apparent reason except love of work. Then I follow work with study of anything that takes my fancy. And then I follow that with programming using different languages. And then I blog. I am afraid there’d come a time I’d realize my days will into weeks into months into years and I’ve missed all the fun things-- like the joy of social interaction, travel and simple lounging in a quiet spot while celebrating the full blessing of healthy living.


We don’t want to chase the winds too much, do we?


And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Fools fold their hands and ruin themselves. [this is about laziness]

Better one handful with tranquillity than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.[this is about enjoying life with little.]--Ecclesiastes 4:4-5