It’s good to blog my daily exercise routine. It forces me to be consistent. Today I managed a six mile run. That is a total of 11 miles in two days. So, with that mileage behind me, tomorrow will be swimming and weight-lifting.

I am about to end my self-imposed sabbatical and by the middle of the month I may return to regular work. What’s different this time is, my work will be per diem or part time, I will take control of my time from now on. Which is something I deserve after working like a dog for many many years. Though I am single, I took upon my self to take care of my extended family and after putting most of my nieces and nephews to college and all of them, thankfully, are employed now, it is but proper for me to stop the daily grind and begin looking after myself. So I am cutting work and I am taking another college degree. I have to pursue my nerdy desires.

Which is in agreement with the philosophy of this website. The sport of being healthy isn’t limited only to physical. It encompasses everything - spiritual, mental, social, financial, moral. I think I made it clear from the beginning that this site won’t teach you how to be sexy or attractive to the public. Or how to be rich. Or how to be a good manager or shrewd human being. Those things come about naturally when you work on them. I think the sexiest and the most beautiful and successful person is one in harmony and in balance. And that comes from the inside, not outside.

That is my goal in life. I won’t talk about how to lift weights or how to get the ripped body or how to be a cool dude with everybody. Lord knows how many sites can probably teach you exactly that. And with all the infomercials around us, I bet majority already know how to ‘muscularize’ and ‘sexitize’ their bodies. Go ahead if that’s what you want. As for me, I am just here to talk to you about being naturally the best you are and how, in the best of your ability, you can overcome the pernicious problem of being unhealthy.

And the best way to discuss it is through what I do with my own self. There is nothing artificial here. I won’t sweeten a thing.

I may sound like a repetitious cymbal but I once again reiterate what being healthy is all about.

1. Eat properly
2. Exercise
3. Reduce stress/Be happy
4. Be safe

These are the main rules that are already established and are known by almost everyone .These are the same rules that are extrapolated in many forms by people who are the ‘gurus’ of healthy lifestyle. If you break down all their programs offered to address poor health, obesity, inactivity, they are all based on these 4 principles.

When it comes to eating there are those who promote :

A. Less carbohydrates, more proteins
B. More proteins, less carbohydrates
C. Limit self to pure vegetarianism
D. Limit self to increased protein only

For exercise, there are also different schools of thought:

A. Focus on weight lifting, body sculpting
B. Focus on cardio-vascular
C. Focus on sports
D. Combination of many
E. Pure yoga, pilates and other new exercise routines.
F. There is the latest trend called muscle confusion.

For relaxation many health experts recommend:

A. Yoga
B. Rest
C. Travel
D. Socialization
E. Massage
F. and many others

Just like many other exercise fads that come and go in my lifetime, any of the programs and routines offered by anybody will always work. From Jenny Craig to Nutri system to e-diets all sprouting on the internet, all promising good results, and they all do - while you are in those programs.

The question is - what can make you keep your gains beyond your ‘discharge’ from these programs? This is the same question bugging me everyday when it comes to treating my patients. Sure I can make them better, sure I can make them exercise to achieve a certain level of strength/endurance, sure I can make them nearly independent and functional, that is, as long as they are in my program.

Once I discharge them, some of them will be consistent with their home exercise programs and keep their gains while the others, oh well, they keep coming back and back and back, in a see-saw kind of decline and improvement.

This is the very issue, the main, main issue this website is trying to answer. What I am trying to answer is - how can one be able to consistently follow his regimen daily to maintain or improve his health without an outside intervention?