Alright, I finally found a moment  to sit down - the whole week was so busy that - I was not able to do any work out three days in a row. Yeah, after the swim last Monday, the next work out I managed was a three mile run a while back. I quit after three because I needed to get a new battery for my glucose reading meter so I can resume my sugar monitoring. Hopefully I can squeeze in some work-outs in the next couple of days.

I am really proud of my current blood  readings. People I know that are in the 'know' including myself long theorized that sugar and cholesterol can never be solved by diet and exercise alone. There must be some medication somewhere. I am not trying to prove anybody wrong but based on my experience, it is possible. The question is - how long can I maintain this?

This is perhaps the biggest puzzle which can only be answered by faith. Who knows what the future holds but if one has faith, no matter the persuasion, it is easy to assume the best prospects. Being spiritual and having faith is logically very healthy. It gives me peace of mind. It provides me an optimism even for the world beyond. People like me, who had been described as superstitious and fatalistic more than once, still possess a lot of hope no matter how unrealistic. It pushes me to take a leap of faith.

It is all about peace of mind.

As I reach the more mature age the more peaceful I become. Gone are the days of searching for everything elusive: money, love, intelligence, good looks, social life, wild life.  I am gravitated  to the more introspective, geeky   kind'a sporty  lifestyle. And this may not be your kind of lifestyle but let me tell you that it is fun.

Sometimes I get lazy to get out to run or work-out but what  pushes me, besides my diabetes/cholesterol,  are the many patients I have in my caseload. How, in their infirmities and limitations struggle so hard to achieve something as little as walking to the bathroom or being able to stand without failure or being able to climb the stairs. How much they are willing to give just so they could take another step without fear of losing balance and falling.

Thinking of them, I find it truly amazing that I can run no matter how slow, that I can swim no matter how cold the water is, that I can still drive to the gym or the bookstore, that I can still spend a couple of hours with friends talking and thinking normal. How many people would give everything so they could enjoy what I enjoy?

Stroke is such a devastating accident. And it is so easy to have. All you need is to be lazy, eat the wrong food to obesity and ignore high blood pressure and voila, you are on a wheelchair wishing to be independent even just for a day. Diabetes is so sneaky that by the time you learn about it you probably have damaged some of your precious physical normalcy - there is damage to your eyes, your feeling in the legs, dry skin, destroyed gums and teeth, susceptibility to infections, possible amputations. Worse, you may be needing dialysis.

Stroke and Diabetes can be so foreign to our ears until they hit us bullseye and they become  a traitor  and heavy stone tied to our bodies for the rest of our lives.

We always talk about non-dealing with traitors/terrorists - these are exactly that. And there is only one way to win over them: being healthy and living a peaceful life. I will talk more about this as I move along in this web site.