John Prince Run


As I promised myself, I ran 10 miles yesterday 8/24 after nearly two years after my last long distance race. It was not an LSD running, it was more like run-walk. I made sure I walked after a mile for the first 6 miles (10-12 min pace). Then took a break to hydrate and replenish sugar. Then the next 3 miles were much slower and I walked every ½ mile. I still felt thirsty so after my final  hydration, I capped the last mile a little faster ending with minor quads cramp at the end.

Time was almost 2 hours based on my Garmin.


Man, I was a bit faster than that before. But then I was in my 40s then.


One thing I realized, especially now, is that Florida heat and humidity are unbearable at times. And I understand why my body lasts longer in parks: it has  brief intermittent shades offered by trees.


I can’t last the same distance on A1A despite its beautiful vistas. Unless I do the run very early morning or late afternoon, the A1A is so hot at 8 o’ clock onwards and without hydration, I’d most likely end with heat stroke :).

So my plan towards my next half-marathon is as planned. Yeah, I am getting excited again to get back to races.