I guess there will be a point when blogging privately has to stop and sharing my  work-out routines, nutrition and thoughts with a few readers must be resumed. Otherwise all my experiences both as a runner and Physical Therapist will fade with me. There was a time I thought I needed to blog things in my private Google Drive and then after editing and finding the right pictures and the right mood, I'd share. Like whatever I write here will be read by millions, which goes without saying,Yeah, I need to get rid of my delusions. 

So here is the scoop. I was able to finally do a 12 miler last week. I dropped five pounds in a little more than a month. I am less strained by school and I added more hours in my hospital work since I finished my second Bachelor's degree at FAU last December. For the last month, I focused on running, working out and yeah, relaxation. A few things happened along the way, like meeting new friends,  a friend staying over,  which somewhat disrupted my smooth flow and of course, there was work and work and work that puts further dents to my routines. These are not meant to bother me though. I'd try to keep up with you guys as much as I could.


So far, this is the best I have done in running. I am not counting here the weight days I have had (although I have missed some days in strengthening due to work). I had a problem between 1/15 to 1/19 due to heavy work and poor sleep. That was a 3 day gap of no running so when I resumed on the 19th, I felt like starting all over again. This happened to me many times during my schooling and most likely it would destroy my goal of running a race or getting healthy. If you notice though that on my serious running days, such as the 20th and recently 22nd, I have improved my pace to around 11 minutes per mile. That is showing me that my body is getting used to the running again.The difference nowadays is the added weight lifting mostly for my core and legs.