As you can tell from my data, I am pretty much at the speed level I want to be. I am now running below 11 minute mile pace at a minimum of 10 miles. I am still struggling at mile 9 beyond and most likely it’s due to poor replenishment of energy. I am also looking at my hydration.


So now I can gradually progress into interval training (which I already started last week) and tempo (which I started this week). I also am trying to increase my resistance training to twice a week. I can now handle 165 # quads, 180#hams, 100#abdominal, 210#leg-extension, 50#pecs, etcetera.


Obviously I am anticipating set backs with my training. Today for example, the weather has turned out for the coldest so far which is mid-40s which by Florida standard is very very cold and I am not planning to go out there and suffer. I may change my running schedule from morning to afternoon if time allows.


Right now, I am searching for proper carb loading during long runs. Usually I allot two hours for my long runs and literature states that a runner or work-out person should replenish after 60 minutes of working out. One rule of thumb I read was 1g of carb per kg of body weight, which is similar to protein 1g of protein per kg of body weight when doing resistance training.


But I am sugar sensitive so I am looking around for sugar free carbs for now. Other suggestions are low glycemic index - but that is something I will be looking at in the future. For now I just need to load myself good enough to make me last or  help me run faster towards the end of my running without feeling  s--tty:)


How to build Endurance:  Increase distance or  give it your best for short distances. For marathon training: do aerobic (comfortable pace) running the first half,  then give your best (lactic threshold or hard pace near or close to fatigue without getting fatigued) the second half.