Ok now. It has been many many days since I blogged about health (mainly due to my personal health challenges) but I am trying to get back into blogging again because, well, I just want to blog. A few things happened lately : I got immersed into programming, updated web sites and became a  little lax on the exercise front.


I started on biking/cruising as well. I want to say biking/cruising because I am not yet getting into road cycling - I am a little careful (as you can tell) about switching from one exercise mode to another. Is it necessary? For me yes because I am already in my 50s and accident at this age is worse than in my 20s, which just reminds me of a current rehab patient I am treating.  She was very healthy (and she states, there is not a single extra fat in her body) and was cycling everyday as an active person. Well, one day, she collapsed while biking ending in brain injury and ended with craniotomy. I thought, “All this for trying to be healthy?” So my friends, don’t blame me for being too cautious but my unfortunate life is the one dealing with all these accidents. And even granted that this type of accident happens in 1 out of a million, still, to me it looks frequent because I see the same patient everyday.


So what was the culprit? She told me in her very thin voice that it was dehydration. Apparently she already knew she was hypotensive and yet, she did a road cycling without carrying water with her. That, combined with very hot Florida weather, she fainted while cycling and voila! Head Injury. Healthy Sport Rule: Dehydration drops blood pressure some more!!!


Seriously and I mean seriously, do not tempt fate. You can never be too careful. A few points to ponder:


First, know you health numbers: sugar, cholesterol, BP, heart beats (like palpitation). And address them ASAP with your health provider.


Second, be alert of different sensations: chest pains, sudden abnormal tiredness, dizziness, numbness, slurring, ‘weird’ perception of the world, sudden forgetfulness ok, these are BIG common sensations that can alert you, BUT, also consider silent or subdued symptoms: little pains, mild dizziness, ‘that weird feeling’ such as worsening balance, feeling like floating in the air, darkening of the world in your perception, and stop immediately until either the symptom gets away or if not, seek immediate check up with your MD.


Of course I am talking only of symptoms that are related to active lifestyle (since there hundreds of other symptoms unrelated to activity that you should also take seriously i.e. stool bleeding, lump anybody?) And my point is really to be ‘self aware’ constantly because in our 50s (especially) the body begins to suffer what it is predisposed to suffer.


Take me as an example: despite all the hard workouts, dieting and living a relatively healthy lifestyle, I still ended with Diabetes because of my family history. That is why--


Third,  know the medical history of  your biological parents and their parents so you can immediately have yourself checked for them. I have family  history of stroke, hypertension, kidney disease and diabetes, so go figure what I am constantly checking.


Fourth, your body will thank you for it and best of all, your insurance provider will love you for it and you will certainly cut the cost of healthcare in this beloved USA and rest assured that this country will thank you for that if you are proactive with your health.


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Fifth, continue the fun, the exercise, the right food, family and peace of mind.