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 So I am back once more and I have probably mentioned in the past why I was off for a while. I needed to take care fo some family affairs and that got resolved (albeit slowly) and once more, I am feeling  motivated to brush on this site and re-visit why it is here in the first place. This site is about healthy lifestyle and what I mean by that personally is running, weight training, swimming, biking and eating right. Enough of my diabetic drama - that is now better controlled. It is time for me to resume the good ol' running I used to do.

Updates so far: my weight has dropped from 180 pounds to 160 pounds since December.

And though quiet on sharing my exercises, I still managed a few miles here and there, really, runners never quit as long as they can still pull it.

I temporarily halted my gym membership due to my moving to assist a family member recover from sickness but now I am back. So there is the story.

But I need to buy new running shoes though. What my brand is (taraaaan! I need to do some shameless  plug/ad  here but I am truthful about my favorite brand of running shoes since version 10).


So now that the ad is present, I can monetize if you click on it. Like the hell you will :)