The Century Wrap Gloves is a professional-grade glove for heavy bag, speed bag or fitness training. Featuring a genuine leather construction for a contour fit and maximum durability, the men's leather training gloves with ClinchStrap offer finger-specific padding for full dexterity and curved construction to reduce hand fatigue. These Century gloves include an extra long wrist wrap with a closure for ultimate support and a secure fit. Available in multiple sizes, the men's leather training glove


I have a new reason to be more active in blogging. I've made some partnerships with different vendors/markets to promote their products on my website as I continue my quest to live a healthy life. I think that is where the direction of 'internet of things' is heading to. Monetizing your site through advertisements while sharing your experience and expertise with the world. I have tried this in the past through google ads and amazon and, nothing happened. What matters is the beauty of selling via website, it's like challenging myself hoping I can pull it through. It is more a matter of testing if I can drive a little traffic to the big stores, much like that guy on the road side  dancing his ass off while waving an ad placard for a store. Don't we all dream about becoming the next 'big thing' in the internet? Ok, ok, I am in a dream mode again. It's my way of saying I may be featuring these ads in my website every now and then for monetization and as a learning tool as well. It takes some programming know-how to do these but, hey, that's why I took computer programming at my old age.

However, I still want to put a separation line between my blogs and the promoted products. There is nothing worse than trying to shove a product to the throat of readers by placing some pop-ups on the article you're re reading. I certainly hate that. Give me a chance to just read, ok, don't mess my concentration by some piece of junk.

I give my readers the option of avoiding the promo and just reading.

Anyway, my care-giving days to a family member are coming to an end and I am  free again to go back to my regular running, weight training, biking, and computer programming. So watch out for the upcoming updates in this site. And well, as they always say, if you like what you read, just click the ad.... Right?

I still have the agenda of more web development I want to purse, because.... I enjoy it.