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Ok there my friends, I am moving away from computer programming to blog about my current exercise program. Right now, this website is still looking for a  direction or maybe it is meant to have no direction at all.


Just like my running  - I have the serious runs( pacing, fartlek, slow long distance) and then I have the play-run. This is the type of run you don’t really think much about while doing it. You can run, you can walk, you can jog, you can sit on the grass, you can basically do anything and call it play-run. It is usually accompanied by music.


And then, I do weight lifting. My weights are moderate since diabetes and hypertension can ruin the retina in overdoing exercises. I avoid extremes.


Everything I recommend to people especially for those above 50 is moderation, moderation, moderation.


Exercising should not be a life or death activity. If you are very serious about competing and pushing yourself to the limits, and as healthy as a newborn stag,  this site might not be the best for you. Healthysport is meant for those who are more into living life in a non-stress, non-competitive yet to the fullest approaches to existence. And those who are already dealing with some health problems and are worried about over-exercising versus under-exercising. Generally it is to share ideas about:


  1. How to start exercising with or without health issues and continuing them.

  2. How to prioritize life’s tasks to rid of stress.

  3. How to do get the best tools to manage one’s health proactively.

  4. How to prevent or at least reduce the risks of stroke, heart attack, lung problems, obesity, depression through lifestyle changes. It goes without saying consulting with MD and being treated if needed,  is still the number 1 rule to prevention of these  risks.

  5. How to understand different medical issues and how to alter lifestyle to manage them better.

  6. How to cope with caregiving of loved ones.

  7. Ways to cope with difficulties : relaxation, travel, spending quality time with friends, family.


These are a few of the topics this web site is hoping to cover. Along the way I will offer links to certain products but I don’t endorse them since I probably haven’t used or utilized them. These are  links and suggestions and it is the responsibility of the reader or buyer to check out any product they are intending to purchase and utilize.

My activities have been good lately. I am still consistent with my 5-7 mile runs 3-4 times a week and lately I’ve added weight lifting to my routine. I have lost 23 pounds since December and am generally pleased with my progress.