It is Sunday and  my day off. I woke up at around 6 am, immediately craving for a morning coffee. My sleep was perfect. Yesterday I finished reading the novel The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. That novel lured me into searching for the works by and about  Isaac Newton and I downloaded  two books from Kindle (almost free): The Principia and some other book about his biography. I don’t exactly recall how I ended in Scribd downloading another book entitled Solitude (A Return to Self ) by Anthony Storr. I probably saw it as an ad and it’s free with my Scribd subscription.  


That is  a lot of reading ahead of me but today  I was bent to do one thing and only one thing  -- I will get out there to run and watch people do their own versions of active lifestyle. I love mornings like this: there is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than going outdoors to watch the sun peek its head from the clouds releasing its rays on the roads emptied of car traffic and dominated by cyclists. Sidewalks are proliferated by people jogging, running, walking, young people, old people and people like me, somewhere in the middle. I parked my car in the space allotted for my  permit sticker, right in front of the beach. I pulled my smartphone and started to walk and then jog. This is my mode nowadays: Run and walk, run and walk. In my younger years, I used to run like the police were chasing me rendering me always on the ‘verge’ of injury in those days. Hence the run/walk approach.  My body is no longer immune, the protection of youth has disappeared so just like a car waaaay expired of warrantee, I am more delicate and susceptible (ha!) so  I am a little bit more careful and sensitive to potential injuries or worse, medical conditions due to overdoing activities and tasks. There is such a thing as over-exercising.


From Lake Avenue Road to Lantana - that is my route -  I directed my strides on the sidewalk, passing a few runners saying Good Morning and meeting other runners who are surprisingly cheerful, perhaps it’s the weather and this early morning is like the only respite we will all get for the remaining dayy. In about 3 to 4 hours, the temperature is forecasted over a hundred degrees. So we all sort of take advantage of the cool morning.



After finishing running 5 miles, I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet shore of Lake Worth Beach. Soon I found myself charging towards it, with its  tepid water and virtually calm waves. I did my little sprints of breaststroke and freestyle, roughly 10 yards each way back and forth, yeah, I haven’t swam anywhere for almost a year now. It’s a great, great morning swim. As usual, I don’t let this pass in this digital and social network age without posting videos and pics on facebook. That’s life. I know. I want to post this in this blog for my own inspiration. Seeing these will keep me active. That’s my goal.


Early Morning Preparation by the beach
Group Cyclists Retuning
Cyclists reaching Lantana
The Beach afterwards!