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One of the purposes of the web site it to promote health without the stress and intense labor involved in it. It is a deviation from the usual 'no pain no gain', 'work til you die', 'just do it' mentality. What discourages people from working out is the boredom, pain, stress, unreal expectations associated with their exercises. There is nothing wrong with lightening up the load and stopping to smell the proverbial 'roses' when you work-out. There is no sense in driving yourself like a mule to lose a few pounds or to look like that guy on a magazine  cover. This site is about this: when you feel like resting, you rest. When you feel like moving, you make the most out of it with  fun. This is not a new philosophy to promote, God knows how many exercise gurus are out there on the net.

This is pretty much about a personal journey, it is an ongoing journey.

I work in health field and most of my life, I have promoted active lifestyle with my patients. But  I was the smoker who advised people  about anti-smoking, the obese who advised people how to lose weight, the sickly man who tried to heal others. It just didn't fit, my life was a complete lie.

One day my Doctor told me the truth – my cholesterol was high, my blood pressure was through the roof, my sugar was critical, and I was so breathless and 'jumpy' because of cigarette smoking. I was  a walking time bomb.

I listened to him. I have not lighted a single cigarette since then. I run marathons and am preparing for triathlons, I lost 25 pounds and kept it there. I still work full time and now I am even going back to school which is  for more  intellectual exercise than getting another career. Lord knows how I love my current profession.

This web site, in essence is also my logbook telling the story of what I have done, what I am doing, and what I will be doing from this point on.

I am approaching the mid-century mark.