I have an excuse of course. I've been busy with my school and between projects, assignments, presentations and the upcoming mid terms,  you know what that means. But I am truly having fun in learning what I am learning right now so the exercise routine varies a lot. What affects my performance are weather, schedule, level of fatigue - but I still keep myself at it when I get the chance. It's awesome to be in a wonderful situation. I am at an age when I just do what I want to do and mostly I prefer to be in school, or in the park or in a bookstore. In fact, I just assembled this new killer computer desktop and for less than 200. Maybe I can start  assembling and selling computers don't you think?

Anyway, I was not able to register for the Fort Laudedale race only because of  lack of preparation but I keep on my regular running as much as I can. I usually maintain a 4-5 mile distance 3-4 times a week and when I get the opportunity, I run at least a ten miler, like when I have a day off on a good weather. What I noticed so far is this:

1. If by any chance you stopped running for at least three days, be careful in returning back. Start a little slower to accomodate the 'over-rested' muscles. A sudden burst of actvitiy like sprints or long distacnes after prolonged rest can be detrimental.

2. Try to be as actvie as you can on your non-exercise days due to busy schedule to keep the jonts flexible and muscles conditioned. Avoid sitting too long, lying on the couch too long or being in front of the computer too long(like me) unless you have a real good reason.

3. Squeeze in a small run, a small jog, a short visit to the park, a short visit to the gym, anything  just so you can have this self assurance that you did some 'activity' for that day. I found that a 30-40 minute run in the park has a lot of  effect on my brain with less effect on my muscles and joints.

4. It is really good to have someone who would pester you about exercising, like a dog maybe :), or a partner, or at least find a  very very compelling reason to keep exercising. I always use cholesterol and sugar levels as my reasons.

5. But if you are really really tired, or you don't feel good, or you just can't get in the groove for that day, your body is probably telling you something, so you need the rest or if feeling worse, seek medical help.