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I have not been actively blogging on this site and there is a reason for it. I have been busy travelling, working in PT and learning stuff (I think  I've mentioned in my past blogs that I am also a computer programming enthusiast). Then I read books. Yes, I sometimes go through this phase of reading lots of  fiction belonging to fantasy genre and yeah, I intentionally avoid blogging during those days lest I will deviate significantly from healthysport topics I blog in here. You don't want me to blog  something about Game Of Thrones and Robert Jordan's series here, right? Or... you don't care. But enough of explanation.

Now I did not stop my running, strengthening  and dieting. I can't stop those due to my diabetes  although I stopped sharing them on this blog. But I managed to create a php program to record my exercise routines (my mileage  and workouts are still entered manually unfortunately) being far away from the fancy apps developed in iOS or android though I am planning to learn how those apps are created.

I travelled outside the country, joined meetups dealing with programming and coding, updated the many sites I was managing. Here is the exciting part: this blogsite (which is driven by joomla) is now hosted in the cloud via digitalocean. I got a kick out of creating virtual hosts and hosting my own websites through 'droplets' and I went as far as creating java server pages, learning how heroku works, and yeah, I just created an instance in my AWS (Amazon) account as well. I loved the whole learning process.

What I am trying to say is - there is no limit to healthy lifestyle. A person who sees me from afar  may find me boring, isolated or too limited in interests. But that is not the case. Some of us find solitary existence necessary to be happy because most of our interests 'require' us to be alone most of the time. Whereas a sociable guy  requires the company of many people. Another may enjoy managing people. Another may enjoy living in the woods. Another may enjoy making money. A runner like me wants to run alone. Or whatever. The point is, we all have a different approaches to relaxation, happiness and fulfilment to be healthy. And don't hesitate to follow that path no matter how others judge you. A person may judge you based on what makes 'him'  happy. Not on what makes 'you' happy. And only you know what that is.