Yeah, talk about spending my precious time on useless information! Facebook and yahoo and msn and all news bureaus that churn repetitious news can really take you out of reality. On top of this, when I get serious with studies I get limited to technology and academic books night and day. Last semester was all about Calculus and Project Management. Soon I will be spending weeks with another Math after I switched classes this summer.


My personal web and mobile projects and computer languages are fun but Math is not. I think the proper phrase  is ‘not necessary’ and I am speaking in terms of my overall purpose in earning a second college degree. Sure Math is good for every student in technology but too much of it can be unnecessary unless  the student plans on  games or science/math intensive projects; or he plans to work for NASA, or Boeing. My purpose is simply web/app development and I don’t feel I need extensive Math for that. What I need (and I still get excited with this) is to do more blogs about any topic I fancy, take pictures about any object I like, travel and do write-ups about places I visited, create apps dealing with health, exercise and my beloved profession of PT, do fishing, and most of all, read the books I missed reading.


I never realized how much I loved the author Michael Crichton(Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Great Train Robbery, Timeline), the man who influenced me to dream of becoming a writer  and have a career in medical field, until, recently,  I picked another one of his books, Timeline. And I also remember liking, no, loving,  James Herriot (of Small and Wonderful book series) that inspired me to travel to the Western world and become a young ambitious health care worker. I attribute a lot  of my career and life decisions to these two writers (of course God was first). I think I read Crichton first time when I was in high school when I saw a discarded novel on a side street, picked it up and stared at a young handsome face of a smiling Michael Crichton at the back cover. The background about him introduced him to me: He was a  graduate of Harvard Medicine who funded his education by writing novels. I was inspired by that - write  and earn something out of it to finance college. Then  I read his  novel that I picked, The Great Train Robbery. I was hooked.


Then I moved on - finished college, worked in US as a health worker, got involved with gadgetry and computer technology and --  seriously -- I lost the pleasure of reading a good fiction book. Reading fiction had always been my relaxation since I was a young kid but life’s challenges took away pleasure out of my life.


Between sleeping and reading a book after a heavy workload, the choice is always clear to me.



Last week,  I promised myself that I would cut off surfing and increase my reading, this has resulted in  a good sleep and sufficient rest for me. Indeed, reading makes me sleep earlier than usual and wake up earlier than usual. Its impact is more time to work-out and more time to sleep.


Now, if I can only find time to fish then my relaxation is complete.

I salute you Michael Crichton, wherever you are.